Andrew is always interested in working with new female subjects of all body types – particularly those with no modeling experience. Those interested must be at least 18 years of age with a valid ID, must have the confidence to be photographed in situations similar to those shown on and must understand that Andrew Dahl owns all rights to the photographs.

Shooting takes place mostly on weekends during the Summer months. All locations are remote and travel times vary with each location. Please be prepared to endure dust, dirt, mold, foul odors and hot or cold temperatures. Compensation, if any, can be agreed upon by both parties at a later date.

Preferably, subjects will reside in Kankakee County, Illinois or be willing to travel to the Kankakee area.

Contacting Andrew is the first step. Send no photos at this time but please submit information on who you are, why you would like to participate, your availability, how you heard about and any questions you may have.

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